People of Yagè

"Between 2011 and 2012 I travelled to Putumayo, a Colombian department settled in the Amazon basin.
I went to take part in the rituals of yagè and, as a photographer, to capture a story.
The yagè is the mysterious cornerstone of the life and the traditional medicine of the people of Putumayo, who call it remedio. It is a vine, that brewed with the leaves of the chagru-panga plant, is able to cure spiritual and phisical sicknesses.
The encounters that crossed my journey changed my life, and the way I view the world through the lens of my camera.
Since my first visit I continued to return several times, captivated by the indigenous medical practices and by the healing effects of yagè, drinking remedio and preparing it in the forest with the taitas, the indigenous healers.
These photographs are fragments of a larger body of work. With capturing moments from the world of the yajé I see myself more as a messenger than just a visual storyteller.
My purpose is to access a deeper understanding of ancient healing practices and give to a wider audience a reflection about the mystery of the yajé".


Nicolò Filippo Rosso