Transgender's life

The Barrio Santa Fe’, situated in the center of Bogota’, is since the 80 years the tolerance zone for transgender people and sexual workers of the colombian capital city.
Colombian homosexuals and transgenders sex workers are often victims of phisycal violence from their families, the policemen and their clients. As lot of families commonly doesn’t accept gender’s diversity, young boys are kicked out of the family home as they express their diversity: consequently, they move to the Barrio Santa Fe’ in search of a shelter. As the violences, the addiction to crack, alcohol and marijuana increases the danger of the living and working on the street, expecially in case of child prostitution. The conditions of poverty, as often the ignorance of knowing the importance of using condoms accomplish the diffusion of HIV. These photographs portray transgenders people of Bogota’ during their daily life, working in the streets, smocking crack and the transition of young boys to a new gender, passing from getting dressed and maked up as a woman to the illegal craft surgeries and injections of industrial silicon in their body.