Farc X Conference - Llanos del Yarí, Caquetá, Colombia.

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos and the marxist F.A.R.C. guerrillas signed a peace accord in La Habana, Cuba, in August 24, 2016 setting in motion the disarmament of the biggest irregulary army in the Americas and officially ending more than half a century of conflict. FARC will hand over their weapons to the United Nations under the deal, in return for seats in Congress, agricultural reform and reduced punishment for crimes.
Between Septmber 17th and 26th, FARC’s commanders met in the Yarí planes of El Diamante and unanimously approved the agreement of La Habana. Rebels from different front lines travelled to El Diamante for the last conference of the organization, as a rebel group, and celebrate the coming peace with civilians, journalists and their families.