Peace struck down after Colombians reject agreement between FARC and State

On October 2nd pools opened in Colombia for a national vote on whether FARC, the largest guerrilla army in the Americas, should be granted seats in Congress, agricultural reform and reduced sentences for crimes in return for putting down weapons.
A huge campaign led by former President Alvaro Uribe and his party during the weeks before the vote scared Colombians with slogans against the agreement, threating a Colombia governed by communists that would have brought the country in the same situation as Venezuela and denouncing reduced sentences for the rebels.
After voters rejected the peace deal by a few thousands of votes of difference, people reacted with shock at the idea of a possible renewal of the 52 years old war. They marched in the streets of the Capital city, followed by all major cities in the country, asking for peace.
At the end of October, President Juan Manuel Santos, was rewarded the Nobel Price for Peace. After 18 days of national dialogue with the opposition party, he firmly announced that he will accomplish the peace as it is mandatory for his Presidency. Supported by the international community, he declared that most of the proposals offered by Uribe’s party were not applicable.